Evenforce: Transforming the Automotive After market Industry

CIO Vendor Following an extensive market research, Srinath Rao and Smaran N S found that despite technology disrupting every industrial segment, it failed to enhance the efficiency and productivity of automobile workshops. Srinath Rao says, “What we normally see in garages or automobile service centres is a simple tally application which is used for billing purposes. Or many times we come across the application of local-made software for certain stock maintenance.” Incepting Even force Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in 2015, the duo embarked on a mission to take the automobile industry to the next level. They are doing this with their flagship product GetAFix.

A cloud based mobile first and web based enterprise application, GetAFix helps implement the best in industry processes, manage and monitor workflow with ease and simplifies customer database management. Designed for both two and four wheelers workshops, Get A Fix features the Estimation /Quotation which enables a service executive to draw scratch mark on the picture of the vehicle, choose workshop specific services and check list for car inventory, capture customer signature and more. The job card management module streamlines the entire workflow at service centres. Right from job allocation to bay efficiency to spare request and inventory management, stock report including purchase orders and purchase inwards etc, everything can be managed from a hand held device. The billing module brings in the ability to handle the entire sales process including insurance management, multiple payment methods, TAX methodologies, discounts and multicurrency capabilities. Further, the solution is equipped with a comprehensive incentive management which helps workshop owners to retain their skilled work force.

GetAFix also enables service centres to provide clients an enhanced customer experience through timely communication to customers via e-mail, SMS, and notifications regarding the
status of the servicing, reminders, before and after images of the vehicle and many more. The workflow process also includes selling the Value Added Services (VAS) which help workshops generate higher revenue.

GetAFix holds a track record of successful implementations in workshops yielding 4x-6x productivity over traditional on-premise workshop management system

A key factor that distinguishes GetAFix in the market is the On Board Diagnosis (OBD) module. A ground breaking characteristic, this module enables service executives to diagnose and provide access to the status of the vehicle subsystems enabling him/ her to gauge the over all performance of the car. Leveraging a collective experience of almost two decades in the IT industry, the founders have designed the solution to appeal to users of different levels of technology literacy. With easy to understand training materials, the solution can be up and running in no time. Availability of the solution in a number of Indian and foreign languages goes on to further strengthen capabilities of the service centres.

GetAFix holds a track record of successful implementations in workshops yielding 4x-6x productivity over traditional on-premise workshop management system. The solution has also found a prompt acceptance in Bosch and Yamaha service centres where it has been applauded for its robustness. Along with different parts of India, GetAFix has also been implemented in parts of Latin America after which the founders plan to expand it to other parts of the world. Evenforce will soon take a step further with a customer centric app that will enable the customers to connect to service centres directly.