Horus Intellisys: Simplified ML & Computer Vision Based Safety Solutions

CIO Vendor Environmental imperatives and safety requirements are two critical issues facing the automotive industry worldwide. Indian Automobile Industry in the last decade has made significant progress on the environmental front by adopting stringent emission standards, and is progressing towards technical alignment with international safety standards. It is time we look towards AI and ML for driver safety measures. Based out of Bangalore, Horus Intellisys is a startup working on cutting edge (Machine Learning / AI) Image analytics based Automotive Drive Safety Solutions. The startup has developed a camera based Automotive Collision Warning System called, Horusi, coupled with Drive Analytics, vehicle behavior and driver behavior to provide safety shield for the driver and inmates of the vehicle.

Horus Intellisys’ Drive Safety Solution algorithms works on Android Phones, Dashcams and Wi-Fi enabled camera devices

This image analytics technology company has a very experienced team in hardware development and software development, making it a rare combination in the automotive solution industry. The brainchild of such a dynamic conglomerate of people, Horusi has a 90 percent accuracy rate in detecting objects and analyzing. Horus Intellisys’ Drive Safety Solution algorithms works on Android Phones, Dashcams and Wi-Fi enabled camera devices. Besides, more than 4 cameras with central console have been integrated to provide 360-degree vision and analytics.
Horusi with Multiple Features
Horusi has features like Driver Behaviour Analytics, integrated GPS tracker, Cloud connectivity, and Distress alert by SMS. The system works as Preventive solution (Collision Avoidance). Provided permissions by the user, vehicle can be tracked on real-time for ensuring safety of family members driving on road. Horus has been on pilot drives for 1.30 lakhs kilometers on Indian road by enthusiast drivers. Backed by renowned and experienced Advisors in the Automotive and Advocates of Drive Safety in the country viz., Vish Narayanan, Former General Motors veteran and H V Kumar, HVK Forum /HyVayking; Horusi is in advanced discussion with a set of OEMs, and Tier 1 Insurance & Fleet companies in India to integrate the driver safety solution.

Horus Intellisys also provides solutions to Auto Insurance Companies and Fleet Companies/ Fleet Management companies to mitigate the accidents, arrest fake insurance claims and by providing live footage of the incident for insurance. For the insurance companies, Horusi Drive Safety Solution is equipped to facilitate driver log for behavior, user or usage based insurance, incident reporting, intimation of incident via alerts, fast vehicle survey & claim processing by automation, and fake claim mitigation. Horusi has immense cost benefit advantages for Fleet companies and Fleet Management service providers as well.

In the years to come, Horusi has continuous development roadmap of additional features which will aid the safety of drivers. The future versions will integrate Radar vision, Lidar, ultra sound sensors to provide weather parameters and lighting conditions to add to the drive safety.

Horus is working on project Partial Autonomous Braking enabled by Image analytics and further looking into extending the application to two wheeler segment, thereby becoming the first to do so. Scheduled to launch in the month of July, Horusi shows promises to make a mark on the automotive leaders and professionals.