A2Mac1: Empowering Automotive OEMs and Suppliers with Best-in-class Benchmarking Contents, Platform, and Services

There is a growing influence of digital technologies on the automotive industry right from design to sales, marketing and servicing bolstered by the increasing demand for compliance to environmental protection and safety regulations. Companies are adopting innovative technologies to increase their design efficiency, decrease the production cost, and meet the demands of the market.

Technology has also led to electrified power trains and autonomous vehicles that can improve the convenience and experience of the customers with minimal impact on the environment. To ensure secure and safe operation, vehicles adopt sophisticated software that collects data in real-time, learns from user preferences and adapts to their driving experience.

We have created a data to knowledge platform that has been critical in idea generation and innovation

As the challenges are significant, only a multi-disciplinary perspective can allow the creation of a valuable, differentiating user experience. Data acquisition from different sources has become crucial. It provides engineers with insights regarding the best practices being followed in the market, allowing them to test the efficiency of their concepts during the automotive design process. However, in the industry, one could hardly find a vendor providing efficient data acquisition system and with a diverse knowledge platform.

This is where A2Mac1 has positioned itself in the industry by providing advanced data acquisition capabilities to support the industry in building the future of mobility.

They allow cross-market comparison, design and cost optimization, commonality strategy studies, platform architecture analysis to the clients around the world. Connected with one another, structured data help them create a knowledge platform to understand the trends that drive the market. The company also provides a software solution to customize their own data capturing, combined with A2Mac1 comprehensive market
coverage (India, China, ASEAN, Korea, Europe, North America) to help manufacturers and suppliers alike prevail in the market competition.

Helping unlock key insights and fuelling idea generation and innovation
Through specialized data capture methods and extensive knowledge platform, the company helps clients easily analyse large amount of data, classify, compare, and mine it to stimulate their creative process and improve their efficiency. “Our team of experts in vehicle disassembly, imaging, sectioning and 3D optical scanning captures and analyses the data. We perform Body in White analysis, interior and exterior analysis, analysis on architecture and electronics of the vehicle. With our state-of-the-art software and global data delivery platform, we have created a data to knowledge platform that has been critical in idea generation and innovation thereby optimizing our clients’ design and manufacturing processes,” informs Sandeep Singh, General Manager India, A2Mac1.

“Globalization has blurred the boundaries of the countries making world a global village and many overseas players are eyeing India realising the huge potential of the Indian market. We empower our clients to benchmark their products with global standard products around the world. Ask yourself a few questions: are you ready to compete on the electric car market segment? Are you missing opportunities in foreign markets where your products could beat competitors’? Are there new players that could displace you and put your activities at risk? Those are just a few examples of vital questions that are of deep concern to every business leader. We are trying to bring to Indian advanced knowledge services such as 3D scans of entire vehicle including every single component of the vehicle, high-voltage battery packs and body-in-white surfaces. By leveraging our global footprint and our expanding services, our customers can address the challenges at stake and be ready to embrace new opportunities. That is our goal: to provide value added services to our clients by servings them as a preferred knowledge partner,” concludes Sandeep Singh.